Saturday, July 28, 2012

Chore Chart

I started & made my chore chart. Via pinterest (what else is new), I found a Squidoo post on how "How to keep a clean house". Very good post!

So I made my weekly charts; You have two types of clean: Daily Cleaning & Deep Cleaning. Daily is obviously done everyday & deep cleaning is one room a day. For example- Saturday is "outside work" such as mowing the lawn or sweeping off the porch, etc. Now, in the article she mentions about only doing M-F, but I thought Saturday would be a good day for some outside cleaning since Kyle or I is usually always off.

My days are:

T-Living Room
W- Peanut's Room
T- Kitchen
F- Our room
S- Outside work

& they all include the Daily Cleaning like: load & empty dishwasher, pick up rooms, feed fish, etc.

I made it using a template on Word, so anything will work :) Chore charts aren't just for kids, sometimes adults need them too!

Happy Saturday! :)

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