Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Day One

Here is what I came up with last night after I posted:

"July 24, 2012. 2:48 AM.

  • I'm going to make a menu for our weekly meals. This way, I can be sure to utilize the food we already have and will not need to visit the grocery for a week or two!
  • Pack Kyle's lunches. If he leaves at 5:30, he usually forgets. So if I make it for him & leave it for him to take..no excuse there!
  • Try to drink more juice & water. - We have two things of frozen juice & a ton of kool-aid packets. I can make those so we don't run out of pop more quicky.
  • Refill water bottles. -Not only do we spend $3 a week on bottled water, we are using tons of plastic bottles (even though we recycle). I am going to try to get everyone to refill them via the fridge door, that way we are saving money & resources.
  • Clean & organize house.--By doing this, I can get rid of things I do not need & potentially sell or donate them. I could get money out of them or even just help out someone else. I can also see what food I have to work with & make space in cabinets & on my shelves.
  • Work on more chores/tasks & school. I have been Pinning & FBing like crazy while Liam naps, so my house & grades are suffering. By doing this, I don't get wrapped up in projects that cost money. I am actually getting things done, & not wanting to go out & spend.
  • Do things solo- I can go on walks or take Liam to the park or library by myself. All free, and that way Kyle can relax when he gets home, instead of me wanting to drag him out & spend money.
  • Discuss getting rid of TV or reducing..-Kind of hard, but I usually only watch TV in our room at night. Maybe dropping a box & just using Netflix or getting rid of all since we're having problems with our channels anyways...
  • Balance our checkbook & make a budget- Kind of already made a budget, but need to really stick to it & start keeping up with the checkbook again. If you visually see it, you are less likely to spend it.
  • Listen to Dave Ramsey cds.- Got them in February & have yet to listen to them...
  • Stay focused. - I know I can do it, I did it in a month's time when we found out we were moving out & when we actually moved out, it's just hard with Liam because I want to show him & give him the world. JUST HAVE TO STAY FOCUED!"

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