Thursday, July 26, 2012

Day Three

I'm embarrassed to even post today quite honestly...

Today my to-do list included:

  • Finish homework
  • Clean living room
  • Clean our room (from yesterday)
  • Clean Liam's room (from yesterday)
  • Make dinner-sloppy joe's
  • Organize fridge & freezer
All I got done today, was basically everything I should have gotten done yesterday...

Maybe I need something to perk me up in the morning..Coffee? Kind of afraid to do that since I'm breastfeeding. Any ideas?

I NEED MOTIVATION...HELP! It's hard just sitting around cleaning all day, & taking care of Liam, & homework. It's not that it's hard, its just like I don't get a break because we can't spend any it's like we get no treats I guess... I don't know.

Just need some ideas for motivation..encouraging words..anything. Thanks! :) Happy Thursday! :)

P.S. Spent $2.61 (was doing a project for Liam & he's almost 5 months & needed his "4 month footprint". So bought sponge brushes, paint, & glue  (for make-shift modge podge) & hubby had $1 in change so he got his "treat" from the gas station. 

So $3.50 was spent overall!

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