Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Day Two

Today, I was semi-motivated. Roomie/bestie Jess had her wisdom teeth out, so when she got back, I got distracted, and hubby got home early, & then we ran errands (just paying rent), but I did not get everything done.

Last night though, I did do most of my A&P homework, so I can basically check that off my list...

  • Do A&P homework
  • Organize the cabinets
  • Clean our room
  • Clean Liam's room
  • Make dinner (Homemade Pizza)
  • Go to the bank
  • Pay rent

The things I didn't get done today, I will work on tomorrow!  Hubby helped me with most of these things! While cleaning out my cabinets, I found a lot of food I forgot I had! So hopefully it will be easier to avoid the grocery for a bit! & I can find all my stuff! Overall, I think it's a good day!

& NO MONEY SPENT--besides bills :)

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