Monday, July 23, 2012

Starting Over

If  you know me I am frugal, cheap, and at times annoying with the way I save money.  I find it a sin to buy something not at the lowest price, whether it be looking around for the best price, using a coupon, or buying generic. If you're not shopping smart, then why are you shopping?

Brings me to my next point. Ever since Liam was born, we have been a bit careless with money.  We just moved to Carmel.  Probably the richest city in Indiana. We are paying a little more for rent (even though we share with 2 of our friends...), but we are saving bills such as water because we have a septic tank, etc. I can't work 40 hours like I could in Richmond. Kyle & I used to work moments away, and would switch before & at the end of each other's shifts. It went by flawlessly.  Now, he works a while away, sometimes not going in until 12 or 1, or not getting off until 6 or 7.  No time for me to work. His schedule is made for different days than mine, so I only work about 2 days a week, averaging about $50 ish dollars a week. Not much, but I feel like I am contributing, it's extra money, and I get out of the house & interact with people.

Things are..not going good to say the least..financially anyways.  Liam is now 4 months old, beautiful of course, and learning & growing everyday.  I don't know if I could take all this stress and uncertainty without knowing that he will brighten my life again everyday.  The good thing about moving and being forced to stay at home is I am basically a stay at home mom.  Which, not until recently, has been my dream.

We saved up, a lot, of money before we moved.  However; we went a bit crazy. I was buying Liam all kinds of stuff; fancy walkers, jumperoos, clothes, etc. Now sure it's fine to buy your child the world, but only if you have the means to do it. (Of course I bought them on sale & with a coupon, I'm not crazy!)  BUT; now we're living more than pay check to pay check. We are literally almost at $0.  We have been here before..however, that was after the bills were paid, groceries were bought, & we had our savings to back us up.  Somehow, we have almost maxed out all 3 credit cards.

I'm not sure what to do. Stop spending money ultimately..but how.  So, I hope to use this blog as a way to monitor my spending, and try to stay on track.  If you're reading, pray with me, that we will find a way.  It's kind of scary to think where we'd be if I wasn't so frugal. I know what I need to do, now it's finding the discipline to do it.

Here's where my financial journey begins.....

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