Friday, August 24, 2012

Good To Be Back

Hey people! Kelsey here.  Sorry for the unintentional, mini-hiatus.  I have been working more hours, usually closing shifts, at good ole Fazolis.  Hubby works from 6-4 and I go in from 5 to about 10:30.  Not the dream job I seek, but hey, it's been helping out with bills.

When I first started posting, I was only getting about 11 hours a week due to my hectic schedule, or my hubby's I should say, and also the fact that my managers seem to think making a schedule 3 weeks in advance is convenient.  Now, I'm getting around 20-30 hours.

ANYWHO: Just going to be perfectly honest.  I thought about this blog a lot.  I was still pinning up a storm, and taking pictures of the peanut, and working, but; we were flat broke, and I was too embarrassed to post.  At Hubby's old job, he would get his $200ish bonus check with his regular check.  At his new job, all the extra cash & goodies they earn are randomly added into the pot.  I was also, like I said, only working a couple hours.  We were down more money than I had previously posted.  At $1 in checking, and $40 in savings, with two credit cards almost maxed, and two bills due (roughly $60), I was scared. Not the "oh it's okay, we'll get more money soon" scared. The "what are we going to do and how can we get out of this" scared.

Prayer.  Now, I am not one to boast about how prayer literally works for everything, and I say this because I don't pray about everything.  It is something I am working on, and hoping to build more and more. Whether you're religious or anti-religious isn't the point. & I know the "matter of fact" BS I may hear from this post but;  I was literally down to my last straw.  See, Hubby doesn't understand "broke" & "BROKE!!!!!".  He was still buying booze and things we didn't need. No he is not an alcoholic, just not good at timing and I balance all of our money, and I do say we're broke an awful lot, but this time, I MEANT IT!

So, I'm down to my wits end, and I take a shower.  Everytime I need a good cry, I hit the shower.  I don't know why, but I have a faster post cry recovery time if I'm in the shower.  So I start sobbing my life away.  Suddenly, I just start talking.  I used to be an extreme holy roller, and it was easy to pray.  Now I feel, embarrassed I guess you could say.  I basically went along the lines of, "please give us strength to get our finances in order and give us the discipline to keep what money we do have."  Now, I know where this is going in your mind, but here we go.  At 5:45 the next morning, granted this happened about 11Pm ish, Hubby is on his way to work.  He calls me.  "Hey babe, how much did you say you should get from your school check?"  Me: "About $500 I think."  Hubby: "Well they deposited $1600?"  HOLY COW! It's a miracle!  Now I know what some people will say, "That's not a miracle, thats your school grant money.  You're welcome by the way."  I was not aware how much I was getting.  I thought it would be $500, but I get $5000 a semester.  They took out about $3400 for tuition and the rest is for books, etc.

Regardless if it was good timing or a miracle (I pick answered prayer) we got a much needed boost.  Now, I then stayed up thinking of ways to spend it, not blow it, spend it.  For one, I was going to pay bills (check).  Then I was going to put money into saving for our next bills (check).  Then I went to pay our TV bill from Best Buy.  It's 37.31 a month (its this a month for: the total cost / months its interest free).  We had about $220 left and it felt silly to keep paying $40 a month when I could just pay it off and have one more bill gone!  Then I ordered all my books, and their supplies. (Check).  Now, I have about $750 in savings.  We are still expecting a check from JBF (Just Between Friends) from when we sold our stroller ($70 ish).-That money will to go to savings.

The next thing I am not sure about is whether we should pay off one of the credit cards.  In October, our 0% interest runs out.  The smart thing to do would be to pay it off.  However; I already saw my schedule for next week and it says a whole 6 hours on it (really??).  I asked them to give me at least 20, so hopefully when I go in tomorrow, I will have that.  Getting to the point.  It is nice knowing we have $700 built up for incase we down fall again.  We are not throwing away money, although it was nice to grab lunch today (something cheap of course) since I haven't been able to in months.  It was nice to buy Hubby his birthday gift and cards for him from me and Peanut.  It was nice to buy roomie/bestie Jess a gift for her birthday as well.  But as far as random Target trips, random mall trips, random dinner or lunch out 4x's a week, Hubby buying lunch everyday instead of packing, going to the grocery & spending $70 a week on crap we don't need, NOT HAPPENING!  We are still spending as if we are broke.

Hubby & I should have some decent checks coming Thursday, and I can not wait to try my new budgeting tactic.  It is nice to feel somewhat secure, which I haven't felt since we moved here.  I have been kicking myself, and recently praying about whether this was the right decision for us.  We have made our grocery's last for almost three weeks now!!-So I know we can do it. We also took a mini trip to the Amish store (love that place) but took $20 and only spent $18.  Love having a budget.

All in all, I am going to stick to staying on top this time and truly feel that this is my starting over point.

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