Monday, September 10, 2012

Catch Up

Hey ya'll! Been slacking on the blog! Who knew taking care of a 6 month old (that's right, he's that old!), working, and going to school would keep me so busy! & I've just added weight loss to that!

Not much has been going on, except this past week, my baby boy turned 6 months old! My hubby turned 23. So of course, we had "Kyle's Birthday Extravaganza". More on that later.

Right now I just had a "workout", in my living room, but better than nothing right? I started with Tae Bo.  I used to be all about it when I was younger.  Then I switched to one zumba video, then finished with another. I like a lot of variety because, quite frankly, I hate exercise! But, now I weigh more than when I was pregnant, so I've got to do something!! & Today, on Indy Style, I learned, you can drink chocolate milk after a workout and it gives you the protein you need? Huh?! & it tastes sooo good :)

Happy Monday All!

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  1. I love how honest this post is!