Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Fall To-Do List

So, I am all giddy about holidays.  My family was never nearly as family oriented as I wanted them to be.  Every since I found out I was pregnant, or even when Kyle and I got married and got our own house, I have been into everything family, and holidays are a big part of that!

So, since we couldn't do too much this past summer, with moving & being poor (eek!), I am soo ready to get the fall season started!  After all, fall is in about 10 days! So, when that day hits, the neighborhood better watch out.  This house not only has one pinner, but two. So, here is my fall to do list.  One, it helps me get things done when I have a list.  Two, it may inspire people to create or do some of these things :)

  • Deep clean and air out the house (nothing better than a clean, cool house mmmm :) )
  • Create fall/Halloween crafts
  • Decorate house 'inside and out'
  • Find/purchase mine & Hubby's costumes to match Peanut's (little lion)
  • Go to a pumpkin patch
  • Decorate a pumpkin (carve & paint)
  • Go to an orchard
  • Make homemade apple pie
  • Take Peanut's Halloween pictures (hopefully he can sit up by then ;) )
  • Make scarecrow crunch
  • Take  Peanut  trick-or-treating in our hometown
  • Take  Peanut  trick-or-treating here
  • Go to at least one haunted house (Have never been with Hubs!)
  • Watch Halloween movies

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