DIY Birth Announcement/Wall Placement

DIY Birth Announcement/Wall Placement
You really just have to know or understand Photoshop to do this. It may work with other programs, but I couldn't imagine not using Photoshop or Elements, or something along those lines.

  1. I opened This Site, she had her own, like full scale, so I copied one.
  2. I created a document for printing- 8x10 in CMYK at about 300 for resolution
  3. Next, in my document, I basically just arranged my font, & found the closest one to hers (Gills Sans MT).
  4. I then changed the color of the words to go along the theme.
  5. Did some aligning, etc.
  6. Then, I printed it to a standard photo size (8x10)
  7. Bought a frame, I believe I had to trim it down a bit (since the printer paper is (8.5x11) )
  8. Then I put it in the middle, and my 2 (11x14) on top & my 2 (4x6) on each side
  9. & Wa la, there you have it!

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